Think-Grow Knowledge Modules

Get Mini-Libraries that cover the most popular and influential books in different fields, all with easy to read, understandable, and sufficient summaries.

There’s so much to learn about… and so little time.

It is hard to judge the most important books in a particular discipline and to know which ones will be the most beneficial for you. Book summaries are frequently easily forgotten after being read.

You might not be learning as much as you should.

One of the keys to growth is getting a broad understanding of key disciplines.

The Think-Grow Knowledge Modules – Professional Development Pack presents a collection of mini-libraries that include the most influential book summaries in several important fields.

The fields include Communication, Win-Win: Interpersonal Skills, Succeed!, Lead!, The A to P Marketing Guide, The Better Brain Library, and Psych-1: Personalities & Behavior. The Knowledge Modules also include quiz functionalities to test your progress, as well as a set of sharing tools and learning advice.

For the apps:

The Better Brain Library – Click here (iOS) or here (Android)

Psychology (1) : Personalities & Behavior – Click here (iOS) or here (Android)

Succeed – Click here (iOS) or here (Android)

The Good Health Guide (1) : Click here (iOS) or here (Android)


These are Mini-Libraries of compressed knowledge that include the most influential books’ summaries in respective fields

Communication, Success, Interpersonal Skills, Marketing, Leadership, Mental Development, Psychology and Behavior, and more

High-quality summaries created to ensure higher recall and deeper understanding

Best for: Anyone who wants to read anytime and anywhere, learn, and grow